Sunday, March 5, 2017

Kiwi Team Swimming Sport Carnival - See you there!!

Monday 6th March

Dear Parents /Caregivers
The Kiwi Team will be holding their Swimming Sport Carnival next Wednesday 8th March, at the Wainui School Pool.

The children have been working hard on their swimming skills and this is a wonderful opportunity to come along, support and celebrate the swimming development and success of your children. The planned programme encourages participation and all children will be expected to enter events suitable to their skill level.
We have something for everyone: competitive, non-competitive and confidence building activities.
Proposed Programme starting at 11am and finishing 1pm (approx)
  1.     Open 6 lengths Freestyle - competitive
  2.     1 length kickboard on front - confidence building activities
  3.     1 length kicking with kickboard on back - confidence building activities
  4.     1/2 length freestyle - non-competitive
  5.     4 length medley - competitive
  6.     1 length freestyle - non-competitive                    
  7.     2 lengths freestyle - competitive
  8.     1 length backstroke - non-competitive
  9.     2 lengths backstroke - competitive               
  10.     2 lengths breaststroke - competitive
  11.     1 length butterfly - competitive
  12.      House Relay

We hope to start promptly at 11:00 am and finish around 1pm.

The programme will start with the competitive 6 length freestyle event then move onto the confidence building activities, followed by non-competitive and competitive events, finishing with the house relay. Every entry receives house points and the competitive race placings are points based to determine the boy and girl champion for Year 3 and for Year 4.

Once children have finished their events they will sit in their class areas and support the other swimmers. We would appreciate parents watching and supporting from the parents area on the opposite side of the pool to the children.

Children will need to bring the following items – togs, towel and a plastic bag for wet items.
Please name your child’s clothing and swimwear.

We need parent helpers on the day. If you can help time keep or help in some other way then please contact us on the day.
Thank you.

We look forward to having your support on the day.


Alison Berghan, Pam Millar, Wendy Taylor, Maddy Taylor

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